Rules & Regulations

"Rules Brief"

Hammock Lakes is a DEED RESTRICTED COMMUNITY. Deed Restrictions are a set of rules that determine the uses of a particular property. These restrictions cover many uses of a property including landscaping, parking, property modifications and noise. All Homeowners must agree to the restrictions before the sale of the home is completed. Homeowners and their tenants are bound by the restrictions and rules of the HOA. This Agreement is considered a legally binding document. We are governed and must conform to the District Declaration, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Community Declaration, bylaws and articles of incorporation of the Community Association. We must comply with rules & regulations promulgated by the Master Association, Viera East Community Association and the District Association, Hammock Lakes District Association. This page provides general answers to questions posed by residents of Hammock Lakes and are intended as a guide for the convenience of our residents. It is not intended to change, contradict or replace, etc. the language in the community CC&R’s or bylaws and must not be construed as such. In all cases, except where prohibited by law, language in governing documents prevails. Preceding each item is the Article and Section that you will find the provisions written (in their entirety) in the Declaration. You are strongly encouraged to read and understand the full Hammock Lakes Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Easements, Reservations and Restrictions (a.k.a., CC&Rs).

A. Article II, Section 2 & Article IV, Section 2: Landlords/Tenants: Owners may rent homes, but are responsible for tenants to follow the HOA Rules. Tenants’ information must be completed and submitted at time of rental (see enclosed). Home Sellers/Owners are required to provide the deed restrictions at lease signing or before closing. Copies of CC&R’s and bylaws can be retrieved from Per FL Statute 720.3085, if an owner has a tenant and the owner is in arrears on his HOA fees, the Association can demand payment directly from the tenant and the tenant would have to comply with no penalty to the tenant by the owner.

B. Article IV, Section 2: Owner’s Responsibility: All owners and tenants must keep the house, driveway, and sidewalks, etc. clean and in good repair.

C. Article V, Section 2: Landscaping: Landscaping must be maintained in good, aesthetically pleasing condition at all times. ALL changes, additions or removal of landscaping requires prior written approval of the MRC. Clarification of maintenance includes but is not limited to: mowing, edging (along all sidewalks, driveway, walkways and street gutters (no runners into street gutters or over sidewalks, driveways, etc.), weed eating (along all landscaping, sides of house, etc); trimming of trees, shrubs, etc to a reasonable height/width that does not cover the windows and is aesthetically pleasing; cleaning up of loose grass/clippings without blowing onto street or neighboring properties; weed maintenance of all beds, concrete breaks, yards, etc.; weeds/grass growing out from fences are the fence owner’s regular maintenance responsibility. Determination of adequate maintenance is at the sole discretion of the Association BOD and/or MRC. Residents who trim their own trees, shrubs, etc must keep trimmings on their own driveways and call Waste Mgmt for a special pick up if it does not fit in a WM compliant container. All contractor trimmed trees, shrubs, etc must be immediately removed from the premises by the contractor per Brevard County Code of Ordinances.

D. Article V, Section 3: Vehicles and Repair. No inoperative cars, motorcycles, trucks or other types of vehicles shall be allowed to remain for over 48 hrs. unless in one’s garage.

E. Article V, Section 19: Motorized Vehicles: Motorized vehicles are not permitted on sidewalks, pathways or Common Areas.

F. Article V, Section 4: Storage: No items can be stored outside within view other than in a garage or within one’s residence. No storage buildings or sheds are permitted on any property.

G. Article V, Section 7: Signs: No signs of any kind are allowed except one standard real estate type “For Sale” or “For Rent sign in the yard.

H. Article V, Section 8 & Article V, Section 16: Parking/Garages/Enforcement: Parking is permitted only in the driveway and/or garage of your own property. Cars may not obstruct a walkway/sidewalk. No commercial or oversized/modified vehicles are permitted anywhere in this development.

I. Article V, Section 9: Animals and Pets: Homeowners must control their pets at all times. Dogs and cats must be leashed. The pet owner must remove all waste caused by his/her pet. Brevard County Animal Services (BCAS) handles all animal complaints (321) 633-2024. Breed types and numbers of pets permitted is per BCAS.

J. Article V, Section 10: Nuisance: No activity or annoyance is permitted that will cause your property or the HOA property to look unclean, unkempt, unsightly, unhealthy, malodorous, or that which interferes with the peace, quiet, safety, comfort, serenity of other residents. No illegal or offensive activity is permitted.

K. Article V, Section 11: Antennas, Satellite Dishes: Exterior television or radio antennas, aerials or satellite dishes are prohibited. There are exceptions, but plans need to be submitted to MRC for approval.

L. Article V, Section 12: Clotheslines, Garbage Cans, Tanks and External Equipment: Clotheslines, garbage cans, above-ground tanks, air-conditioning compressors, pool pumps & other similar items of external equipment must be kept out of sight, in the garage or screened by shrub hedge or shadow-box enclosures (requires MRC approval). Garbage containers are provided by Waste Mgmt. to every homeowner. If need be, call them directly (321) 636-6894. Pick up is every Monday A.M. (trash/recyclables /lawn waste) and Thursday (Trash only). Holiday Schedule for curbside collection of unincorporated (this includes Hammock Lakes) areas. Waste Management DOES NOT PICK UP on the following specified Holidays so please do not put out your yard trash, garbage cans or recycle cans on these holidays:

  •  Memorial Day
  •  Veteran’s Day
  •  Christmas Day
  •  Fourth of July
  •  Thanksgiving Day

There will be no make-up days. For further information, please go to the website:

M. Article V, Section 13: Swimming Pools: In-ground pools are allowed and subject to written approval of the MRC and applicable County and State Regulations. No above ground pools are permitted.

N. Article V, Section 14: Tents, Trailers & Temporary structures: No tents, trailers, or temporary structures are permitted. Prior written approval is required for changes: additions, fences, driveways, gutters, generators, hurricane shutters, porches, screen enclosures, etc. No aluminum or composite aluminum roofs are permitted.

O. Article V, Section 16: Lakes, Ponds, Retention and Other Water Areas: Catch and release fishing in lakes is permitted behind your own home only. You may not walk behind other people’s homes to fish or for any other activity without permission from the homeowner. Also prohibited: sailing, boating, swimming, fishing or other water sports/activities. Living on a lake lot requires you to mow and maintain to the water’s edge. No landscaping or other items can be planted or placed beyond your own property line.

P. Article V, Section 17: Wall and Fences: All fences require prior written approval by the MRC. No fences are permitted on any lake lots.


1. Exterior Painting and roofs: Approval must be obtained, in advance, by the MRC. The home and roof colors must conform to the approved color palette which is available at the Fairway Management office.

2. Changes, additions or removals: All changes, additions, removals to the house, property or landscaping require prior written approval from the MRC. When in doubt, call Fairway Management at 321-777-7575.

3. Enforcement: Failure to comply with the requirements of our HOA following a 10 day notice, the HOA has the right to enter the property without being guilty of trespassing, for the purpose of curing or eliminating a violation, all at the sole expense of the owner. Fines can also be assessed, as well as, any other remedies permitted by law.

4. HOA Fees: They must be paid because they pay for all the common areas of this development such as: the entrance areas, tot park and back field. Members of the Board of Directors and their committees are, by law, Volunteers and are not compensated. Assessments also cover any services the Board may contract, to help with the affairs of the Association. You are mailed two statements each year in January (Viera East Community Association and Hammock Lakes Homeowner’s Association). A late fee of $25 will be added to any overdue assessment. Continued non-payment may lead to a lien being placed against your property. Other legal action may also be taken, and other fees, such as interest charges and legal fees will be included.

5. Word to the Wise: Due to unintended inaccuracies by others, it is strongly recommended/encouraged that you not rely on what you see or hear or to just assume something is allowed. Seek your own approvals and information directly from the HOA.


MCR: Modification Review Committee 

ARC: Architectural Review Committee (AKA: MRC)

HOA: Home Owners Association

CC&R: Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

When in doubt, call Fairway Management: (321) 777-7575 or email

1331 Bedford Drive, Melbourne (behind the Baytree CVS Pharmacy).